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tmc Content Group AG, based in Zug, Switzerland, and Berlin, Germany, is an international media company. We specialize in film licensing, broadcast TV channels, audiotex services, and branded OTT on-demand platforms. Our clients are among the world’s largest PayTV providers.

We are a Swiss company traded on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

In addition to our core businesses, we invest in projects to which our experience and capital can add value.

tmc's Beate Uhse TV, exclusive to Sky Germany, debuted in early 2001, and our Lust Pur channel followed in 2009. Both channels, including their complementary catch-up services featuring hundreds of titles, are German-licensed and enjoyed by millions of households via such providers as Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, and Unity.

Our Blue Movie branded 18+ app is available on Q, Sky’s STB, since 2018. Our app is the sole source of 18+ content on Sky and features thousands of titles chosen from certified suppliers. Our compliance and content approval processes are considered to be the best in our category.

Our 18+ app technology is proprietary with all content and the user journey hosted by us. Our youth protection systems are robust and adaptable to local regulations. In close cooperation with our PayTV operators, we can manage billing integration, product selection, pricing, placement, and promotion. Our TVOD and SVOD solutions are innovative and commercially successful.

tmc’s strategy is to:

  • Focus on licensing quality content that is fully compliant with the highest ethical standards
  • Invest in our brands
  • Remain the partner of choice for PayTV providers for linear, catch-up, and app services
  • Ensure our technology remains future-proof
  • Predict and position ourselves for new regulatory developments